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My Recent Myofascial Release Training

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

After three days of pulling, pushing, allowing, and facilitating I am equal parts spent and renewed. My pelvis is more free than it's felt in years. I came home night one and found myself swaying my hips freely while dancing with my girls. Day two I was all in with John Barnes' techniques; completely sold! That night I had to assess my husband's pelvis and perform a couple techniques to correct his upslip on the left and forward rotation on the R which likely occurred from an old knee injury.

It's hard for me to describe the power of these techniques. Day three is when the real unwinding happened for so many of us in the class. It was profound and moving to watch the body do exactly what it needed to do to unwind. Even more amazing to watch, it looked different for everyone because no one has had the same life experiences. The deep unwinding happening were stuck emotions, belief systems, and trauma/injury that were being held in the fascia.

With this work it can feel like nothing is happening and then all of a sudden it feels like a gush of water rushes through the area. The fascia let's go and becomes rehydrated and free to move. Pain that's been around for years can just go away. It may take a handful of sessions depending on the level of trauma and years of holding this pattern, but it can go away. It can also feel like heat or tingling and come out as laughter, crying, coughing, etc.

This training has not only changed my body and mind but will hopefully change the lives of the people I touch.

Much love,


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